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If you’re unfamiliar with dotmailer, you can find out more on our email marketing page. If you are familiar with them, it may interest you to know they have recently published their annual Hitting the Mark report, a rating and ranking of the top US and UK retailer’s email marketing performance.The report highlights three areas with massive opportunities for improved performance:While a lot of companies are using personalisation to some extent, there is much more scope to develop this opportunity.As email evolves, it’s integration with other marketing channels is ever more relevant. Companies are missing valuable opportunities to tie in their social and email channels.Email communications triggered by special dates are also an under-utilised engagement method. Communications can be related to birthdays, account anniversaries, subscription renewals and many more.


dotmailer as a platform uses it’s automation and segmentation features to send many different communications to many different people based on their behaviour and the information we have about them. While this sounds fantastic, it is critical to plan out your use of the platform, so it can deliver maximum ROI for your business. It’s important to understand what role email as a channel plays in your marketing mix, and how it engages with your other channels. Are there opportunities for the two to work better together? What other information do you know about your customers? Are you sending messages to customers that will never be interested in that message? Rather than send one mail to 100% of your customers, can you send five mails to 20% of your customers based on what they want to know? With dotmailer, the answer is yes.The ultimate underlying message of the Hitting the Mark report, and the holy grail of marketing in this day and age is relevancy. Are you getting the right message to the right customers at the right time?


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